Thursday, May 31, 2012

Resolved: Take a Class

I decided that it had been too long since I'd taken a class, and I've missed the energy and inspiration I get from learning a new craft of some sort, so I started attending a seminar on how to get apparel manufactured locally.

I love the idea of supporting local manufacturing and small artisan businesses, and here in San Francisco groups like PeopleWearSF and SFMade have popped up and turned this into an organized movement.

As it turns out, San Francisco actually has several local sewing factories and a highly skilled workforce. I've gotten to tour several garment factories right here in the city - large rooms full of beautiful old sewing machines and other large metallic things that look like they could take your finger off. Its been inspiring to see how the kinds of things that can be made here locally and learn about the companies that are doing just that, as well as an interesting reminder that everything we wear is technically "handmade" - someone, somewhere had to cut out and sew that thing you are wearing together.

I'm still thinking about what to actually do with this kind of know-how. I've always liked clothing more than I should (which is why our second bedroom is looking more and more like a walk-in closet these days) and the idea of designing and making my own on a larger scale is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. So, we'll see what I decide to do - for now I'm reveling in the empowering experience of seeing something new and finding out how it works.


Instead of taking on a whole list of resolutions at once, I'm focusing on one life improvement a month in 2012.

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Miss K said...

Beautiful photos!

Louise.Amabilis said...

Oh my...that sounds like so much fun.
I'd love to have all of those machines, it would make things so much easier :)

Senja said...

I love that classroom and have always wanted to take a seeing class. I have a sewing tutorial om pinterest, you should check it out. :)

Katie said...

If you design and manufacture some dresses with sleeves in a PATTERED FABRIC...I'd buy em.

Also, matching fabric covered belts please.

Fo sho

Lady Danburry said...

I wish I had been with you for this one.