Saturday, March 31, 2012

re: Resolved - Clear the Clutter

I've always been a person that likes "stuff" - and all too often that stuff tends to find its way into unruly piles on any (and every) flat surface in the apartment until things like desks become glorified stuff holders and are completely useless for the function that they were actually intended.

In March I made a goal to clear off a few of my worst flat surface clutter collectors.

Yeah. Doesn't that just feel better?

The kitchen counter:

The sewing/craft/AHV room:

The bedroom:

The truth is, I have TOO MUCH STUFF, and the clutter comes from not knowing where to put things, either because their assigned space is full or hard to get to, or because I just don't have a place for it. The hoarder in me is coming to terms with the idea that sometimes you don't have room for all the things you've picked up, no matter how cool they are, and you are better off getting rid of them instead of letting them clutter your space. (There is a reason I am just showing you the newly clean surface spaces in my home right now, and not the insides of the drawers they sit on top of. I still have a long way to go. Ahem.)

I like the concept (seen on this website) of a de-clutter calendar, where every day you tackle a small project and after a few weeks start noticing a cleaner more clutter-free space.

Do you guys have any tips of how you keep clutter under control?

Instead of taking on a whole list of resolutions at once, I'm focusing on one life improvement a month in 2012.

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robin marie said...

so, so fun to see your space!!! i love all your little details and all the family pictures = so awesome. i also love your furniture! i tried to get a whole bedroom set on craigslist yesterday that looked super similar.

i'm working on ways to keep clutter under control too. i'll let you know if i think of anything great.

Lady Danburry said...

I love a good clean up. To keep my place well-arranged, I always try make sure it would be acceptable for my dad to come stay. He hates sleeping in a messy house.

m-l-e said...

It looks A*mazing. Can't wait to see it in person. Love the earring collection ;)

Miss K said...

I'm jealous of all your sharpies!

bex said...

No art stash is complete without a sharpie in every shade, right? (obviously i'm addicted)

Alice said...

I need big time help in decluttering...actually just time to do it...and someone to watch my children.

la outdoor movies said...

Great pics!