Monday, March 26, 2012

re: A Cupcake ATM

You know how sometimes you just want a cupcake RIGHT NOW, and then you cry because it is 3am? (Don't pretend this has never happened to you).

The genius people over at Sprinkles Cupcakes in LA have come to the rescue with their Cupcake ATM, ready and willing to dispense delicious baked goods at any hour.

We just happened to be in LA over the weekend for a wedding, so we took some friends with us on our late night adventure and visited the famed ATM.

Its pretty fun to pick your cupcake, and then watch a live video of a robot arm going and picking your cupcake up and delivering it to you with a satisfying whir of technology.

We may have gotten a little carried away.

I made Derek carry all the cupcakes to look like the cupcake hoarder in front of the long line still waiting to get their cupcakes. This is also how we discovered that even if you drop these cute little boxes, they are so well engineered that the cupcakes remain unscathed and upright.

Since the ATM just opened this month, the line was still a little long to get our cupcakes. In fact, I probably could have baked an entire batch of cupcakes at home in the time it took me to stand in line to get one from the ATM, but then I wouldn't have felt like I was eating a cupcake from the future.

Sprinkles - Beverly Hills
9635 South Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Miss K said...

I love this world we live in!

Lady Danburry said...

awesome. Derek looks thrilled.

bex said...

You should have seen how fast he devoured his red velvet cupcake : )

Alice said...

Are they fresh? I like your top bun!

Caroline on Crack said...

Cute post! I tried standing in line for it at midnight and it was too long and slow-moving so I had to bail. Maybe 3am is the way to go.

bex said...

unless a cupcake hoarder like derek comes and buys them all at midnight ;)

Janan said...

Wow wish I had a cupcake ATM in Fairbanks:)