Wednesday, February 1, 2012

re: Hair Resolved (January)

Okay! January is waaay over, which means it is time to move onto February's goal. But, before I do, I suspect that you are all biting your nails and hoping that I am going to tell you how January's hair resolution went. DON'T WORRY! I'm even posting a few photos to show you my two favorite go-to styles I discovered during the month.


The Towering TOPKNOT

(aka a bun on steroids)

I have a decent amount of hair right now, but somehow the high buns I was trying out weren't achieving the kind of Umph that I desired. That's when my sister and friend Grace introduced me to the idea of padding one's hair with loofah sponges. That's right! All you do is hide a plasticy loofah sponge inside your hair, bobby pin your hair to/around it to cover it up, and enjoy Amy Winehouse-ish heights. Somehow admitting that I stuff my bun is less embarrassing than trying to stuff my bra in middle school ... but its basically the same idea.

You can buy special loofahs for buns (that look like little weird donuts) like this one here. Tadah!

The Burgeoning BOUFFANT

I had the talented Rubi Jones give me a lesson on this perfect pouf, and she did such a good job making my hair naturally bump it that I've pretty much kept a version of this hairstyle for the last two weeks.

To achieve this look, you just need some dry shampoo to dirty up your hair, and to master the basics of backcombing. There are a million tutorials out there like this one to help you on your way.


Lady Danburry said...

your bouffant is just lovely.

Alice said...


bex said...

thanks, ladies. Its funny how just a little time on my hair makes me feel dressed up a little more every day.

Robyn Kessler said...

Why did you not bring this up when I was hounding you guys about your NYR??
And btw, everyone knows better hair is the way to a more peaceful world!

bex said...

i know! Its just that derek has things like "send things into space" on his list and I have "do my hair" on mine?

katie kate. said...

i love the towering topknot photo of you! super cute.