Monday, February 6, 2012

Personal Portraits: Paper Dolls

I love the idea of non-traditional portraits, and I have a fun collection of images of Derek and I.

Most recently I commissioned these personalized paper dolls by jordan grace owens:

And ... maybe I got a little carried away and commissioned one for everybody in my family for Christmas too. It is pretty uncanny how much each of the dolls looks like the real life people they were modeled after.

My parents (my dad really does love polo shirts with rocket emblems on them):

Dave, Tatum and the weiner dogs (including a very accurate 3-legged Owen):

Jake and Kathryn (who were pretty much wearing these exact outfits when they opened the dolls):

And of course, Derek and I, as perfectly little segmented selves.

I think these make great personalized gifts (Valentines Day, anyone?)


Lady Danburry said...

Totally awesome.

two forks said...

It is crazy how much those look just like you!! What do you do with them? Are they for playing? Or display?

bex said...

Thus far they are just for display, but I'm not opposed to using them to "talk out" difficult issues that we might not be able to handle discussing as ourselves. The dolls can make good stand-ins and really diffuse the situation.

bex said...

(When i gifted them, they came in frames with a hand-drawn backdrop and "family portrait" on the wall behind them - so they were intended to go on display)

nicole choules said...


these are amazing & so fun.

ps love the idea of using them to "talk out" difficult issues. I just go to my room & wait it out...