Wednesday, December 2, 2009

re: Being Born

My birthday was on Monday, and though I only have crappy cell phone pics to prove that it was awesome, you should know that it was.

First, I came home to some of these:

And one of these:

(Which rivals Heart Throb as best board game ever). Because this is how you win this game:

And then we went to eat at a delicious restaurant that serves pretty food on cute plates, and when it is your birthday they give you itty bitty pieces of chocolate to celebrate:

And then, just when I thought my birthday was over, this sign was waiting outside the restaurant...:

...on top of this borrowed vintage tandem schwin with balloons tied to the back, on which Derek and I rode all around the Mission.

I can't even go into detail about the fog machine and dance party that awaited me at home with icecream and cakeycookies:

And my mom made me a frangipan and everyone wished me a happy birthday, and so, I really can't have asked for anything better. Maybe 31 aint gonna be half bad.


Tiffany said...

OHHH MYYY!! i thought i would never see heart throbs equal!!

can i just say, i really couldnt be happier about the this little blog coming alive again!!

also, a little bird landed on my shoulder and told me you might have another little something coming in the mail from a far away friend. lets hope the make shift home made bubble mailer hold up in the mail.

scuz said...

happy late birthday becca! i think youre really cooooooooooool.