Wednesday, December 2, 2009

re: Internet Fame

When YouTube and Google joined forces, my YouTube account sent me a message telling me that I had a very popular video and should consider putting adwords advertising on it to make a little cash. I racked my brain trying to think what I had ever posted on YouTube that might have been a big deal.

Turns out, it was this little number from the days of the New Awesome:

Bets' niece Allie has a cute lisp, so she filmed it (and an example of what happens when Allie tried to say "sit." In the tradition of true America's funniest home video comedy, you know what she actually says when she tries to say "sit"). And as it turns out, ALOT of people take the time after watching it to weigh in on the great debate - whether this makes her parents irresponsible and trashy, or if this is just a kid being cute.

The debate continues. And has. Every day for the last two years. Seriously - I get a direct message with every inane comment that gets posted on the video.

I think this is a little ridiculous that 200K people have decided to weigh in on that. (But will gladly photograph children fake swearing all the time if it makes me rich.)


Casey said...

My two-year-old nephew substitutes "d" for "st" and my sister and her husband occasionally tell him, "Lincoln, say 'big stick!'" Always good for a laugh :)

bex said...

Doh. Mom requested that it come down. I don't know where everyone on the internet is going to find their entertainment from here on out...