Sunday, November 29, 2009

re: Reality

I went home to Southern California for Thanksgiving, and took a lot of pictures in front of, on top of, and behind a whole lot of fake things while I was there. In fact, I have more photos of myself from the trip in front of fake stuff than I do in front of anything real.

But, you know? Reality isn't always all it is cracked up to be. By opting for the fake stuff, I saved myself a lot of trouble and effort to get a lot of really realistic looking shots.

For instance, I didn't really have to actually be fat, wear a tacky hat, or split peas one at a time at Andersen's to make it look like I did:

I didn't really have any embarrassing "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" moments in order to stand by the big fake fork at the fork of St. John and Pasadena avenues in Pasadena:

I didn't have to do my hair or buy a fancy dress before hanging out with the stars of Access Hollywood:

I didn't have to climb any unfortunate hills or bypass any painful barbed wire to get close to the Hollywood sign:

I didn't worry about about losing precious fingers to a man-eating shark, strung up by its tail or otherwise:

I did, however, cry real tears of joy when I saw how good our Escape from the Terminator shot looked:

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two forks said...

that terminator shot was very impressive!