Sunday, December 6, 2009

re: Old Friends

I made it out to Colorado a few weeks ago to visit some old college roomies and friends. I can call them old friends because we have known eachother for a LONG time, and because we are getting old(er), and there are several babies between them all to prove it. I was waiting to post photos until I had dug up some old college pictures of us, but maybe I'll just wait until we are all old and gray haired and look really different so that the comparison is more awesome. For now, you should just know that these girls are some of my long-time favorites, and we got to spend the weekend up in Vail together:

And this is Amber and I with one of the babies that we met on this trip for the first time - Amelia!

Amelia's dad is a real comedian, and likes to joke with me about how my glasses get bigger each time I see him, which is true. His favorite joke is telling me that someone famous for their thick black frames called me and wants their glasses back.

These are all the people that called and wanted their glasses back while I was in Denver:

I haven't come up with a good comeback yet. "Gerber Baby called and wants their cute kid back" doesn't seem like the zinger I need it to be. Any help would be appreciated.

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