Monday, October 15, 2012

re: A Morning in SLC

We were in Salt Lake for the weekend for a wedding, and on Saturday morning decided to visit the SLC Farmer's Market to get our picture taken by my dear friend Alisha Stamper. She specializes in portraits, and she brings her large format camera to the market to take lovely black and white photos on instant film:

We had a lot of fun posing for our photos, and celebrated by going to Bruges immediately afterwords and gorging ourselves on hot waffles and sausages. It was a perfect morning activity.

If you're in SLC, the market lasts another few weeks. $15 will get you your own 4x5 print (and if you love your pic, you can have larger prints made from the negative).

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The UnMighty said...

If you would have mentioned the waffles and sausages earlier in the post, I would have enjoyed the whole thing a lot more.