Thursday, October 4, 2012

re: Family Portraits in Hawaii

We just got back from a trip to Hawaii over the weekend with the Ferneys. Turns out, September is the best time to go to Hawaii - because everyone has gone back to school and it is technically "off" season, plane tickets are cheap and the beaches are empty but everything is still awesome.

We hiked to Waimea Falls one afternoon, and were amused to find some very muscular life guards hanging out there, renting life jackets and pool noodles to the visitors. It looked like the kind of job that left you with plenty of time to hang out doing push ups and working on your tan.

All I know is that I tried to take a classy family photo of the Ferneys by the natural beauty of the Falls - real Christmas card material, you know? - when one of the life guards decided to jump into the quiet lake and take a swim by the Falls, just as we were getting posed.

Do you see him? Here. Let me give you a closer look:

I dunno. I think they can still use it for their Christmas card.


robin marie said...

That is totally rad. They should so go with that shot!!

Anonymous said...

awesome photobomb!
you can always photoshop him out or, alternatively, photoshop a santa hat on him ;)

Amy said...

Oh. My. Goodness! That is an amazing photobomb!

MMW said...

Where did you stay in Hawaii? We're looking to go with our family of 4 kids + 2 parents... and we don't want to stay at the Ritz. What fun it looks like you had! Please share your home-base in Hawaii.