Tuesday, December 4, 2012

re: A Birthday StorySlam

We're big fans of The Moth and the Porchlight story telling series in our house, so to celebrate my birthday last week we decided to host our own StorySlam with our friends. A StorySlam is a live storytelling event where participants from the audience are chosen at random to come up to the mic and tell their true personal tales.

I rented out a little coffee shop around the corner from our apartment, set up a mic, and all night we drank delicious hot chocolate the barista whipped up for us and listened to our friends tell 5 minute true stories on the topic of "getting older."

Willing participants put their name in a box, and we drew 10 names over the course of the evening to tell a story in front of the group. We borrowed our rules from the Moth StorySlam, which were as follows: 

It must be TRUE
Stories are strictly non-fiction.   

It must be ON TOPIC
The story you've prepared should be intrinsically related to the theme of "Getting Older".   

Were you there? Are you one of the main characters? Your involvement in the events as they unfold is essential. No journalism. Eyewitness accounts only.   

It must be ON TIME
You've got to squeeze all of that into 5 minutes. 

And, if you'd like a taste of what we heard that evening, here's Collin, telling a story about a blind raccoon and his golden birthday. Enjoy:

Birthday Story Slam | November 30, 2012 from Rebecca Wright.

(pretty photos taken by Kristian + Kimmi, video by Julio)


Linda Peterson said...

looooove this. love it. i will be copying this activity in the future. also, i'd forgotten we are late november birthday buddies! i'm the 26, and this year was my golden birthday. so, we went all out and had a 1920s Chicago murder mystery at a restaurant with an amazing speakeasy themed room. it was a blast! but now all i want to do is have a storyslam.

Alice said...

It was so fun. YOu need to post more videos, Jared wants to see the great stories!

Juliann W said...

Happy very late birthday wishes Bex. I heard from Kristian that it was a really fun night.

Kristine said...

What a fantastic idea. I plan on stealing this. Happy belated birthday!

Veeda said...

You never cease to amaze me with your creative ideas. Happy birthday!

julia said...

just watched the whole video. hilarious!

robin marie said...

seriously rad. i love the moth podcast and story corps and poetry slams and mayan hot chocolate! you always whip up the best birthdays ever! feliz aniversario!

The UnMighty said...

Last time we had dinner with you guys at Kim's house, Derek turned me on to the Moth. I've listened to Millions of stories. (literally. I've been in basement with headphones on since that dinner listening non stop. Thanks for the horrible addiction.)
Seriously though, sounds awesome.

brittney said...

Basically... happy birthday and this is a great idea. Also I love the moth.