Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Pahnke Wedding

Two of the greatest people I know, Mark and Emily, got married this month. And, because Emily is a genius, she figured out a way to incorporate all of her favorite things into the wedding:

First - look at their wedding invites/announcements. Everyone got their own viewmaster with a reel of cute photos telling Emily and Mark's story in a perfectly patterned box (design by Karisa, letterpress by Jordan):

Horse Ribbons (customized and in her favorite colors, of course):

Scratch offs in the guest book:

A branded photobooth:

Themed Food:

Clever Endings:

And a handsome man:

I'm so excited these two got married and solidified a future as fabulous forever travel companions for Derek and I.


m-l-e said...

thanks for helping make it all happen!

robin marie said...

holy freakin' wow. this makes me feel like i didn't really get married because i didn't have anything this amazing! congrats emily!

Iola said...


stevenjared0853 said...

Wow! This is so different. I was just looking for some nice NYC wedding venues online because two of my friends are getting married and I really want to help them. I am a budding wedding planner and these are going to be my first projects.