Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Hanky Pahnke Party

I'm a little behind in updating over here, but I had to share the details of a bridal shower that I helped throw for my dear friend Emily last month. She happens to be marrying a dude with the last name Pahnke (pronounced "panky") which means that OBVIOUSLY I was going to take full advantage of the giggle inducing surname and throw her a "Hanky Pahnke" party. I decided to take the "hanky" part of the party theme and run with a vintage hankie angle, because although I wanted there to be people throwing underwear all around during this party, I still wanted them to be doing it in a classy setting.

First, THE INVITES! I pulled out my trusty gocco and screened the pertinent information onto a bunch of frilly vintage hankies. Then I packaged them into velum envelopes so that the recipients could get a sneak peek of their individual cuteness and the post office workers could feel a little jealous:

Next, THE DECOR. We pretty much hung a hankie onto anything that was hangable. Vintage handkerchief buntings! Vintage handkerchief chair backs! Vintage handkerchiefs underneath all the milkglass serving dishes! I started worrying a little about overkill, but I think the fact that every hanky was a little different made it just feel nicely themed with just a hint of feeling like you were living in your grandmother's dresser drawer.

And it didn't hurt that the food was really pretty too:

For the entertainment portion of the evening, we threw a white elephant underwear exchange. Perhaps my favorite gift that was opened was the Buty Panty (aka the generic version of the Booty Pop) which calls itself a "natural looking padded panty preshaped with contour foam to resemble a curvaceous bottom." Needless to say, this was a hot ticket item.

You couldn't expect us to keep the whole thing classy, right?


robin marie said...

Cutest shower ever! So happy for Emily!

Tanya said...

I love this so much. You are amazing!

Linda Peterson said...

sometimes i want to cry after i read your blog because i will never, ever be as cool, crafty, and funny as you are.

bex said...

Aw shucks, guys. Thanks.

(Don't cry, Linda. The only reason for tears is if you don't get to come home with the Buty Pants)