Wednesday, August 29, 2012

re: Two Years

August 28 marks two whole years of marriage already. I kinda don't know how it went by so quickly ... which perhaps is evidenced by the fact that we still have a bag of bike horns sitting in our storage room that we step over any time we go in there. Apparently we've been stepping over them for two years.

For those of you that might remember, Derek and I sent out bike horns as part of our wedding invitations. It was a fun little teaser to the bicycle brigade surprise that we had planned for the day.

(It also meant coming up with 100 bicycle horns as cheaply as possible. Luckily Derek took care of that during a business trip to China, and managed to track down two duffle bags full of black bike horns one afternoon. I imagine him in some back alley full of huge stacks of weird plastic things in mass quantity, heroically wheeling and dealing to get the best price so that our wedding invites could be awesome, but I think he was mostly just embarrassed to have to haul them home in front of his co-workers.)

Anyway. We decided it might finally be time to get rid of those leftovers, so to celebrate our 2 years, in the late of the evening Derek and I found a few unsuspecting bikes in the neighborhood and gifted them some new noisemakers.

(That last one wasn't a bike, but we figured that anyone who drives an old parking meter cart around must have a sense of humor.)

Honk honk! Happy 2 years.


robin marie said...

You guys are hilarious! Parabens!

Schmath said...

Haha. I hope those people appreciate it. I would totally love a random bike horn on my golf cart (or whatever that is.)

bex said...

ha ha. thanks guys. this is also how we figured out that derek and i would make terrible criminals. even though the horns were meant as a funny secret surprise, it was surprisingly nervewracking to place them clandestinely.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Last summer me and my kids went around the neighborhood and decorated bikes with balloons and streamers.