Thursday, April 12, 2012

re: Dear My Brownie

Derek goes on trips to China and Japan fairly frequently for work these days. Though the bonus airline miles are nice, the novelty of a husband that is gone every other month for weeks at a time is sort of wearing off. He knows I don't like him adventuring without me, so he brings back little things he discovers on his trips.

This week he brought this weird little box of overly processed brownies because he thought I'd like the kitschy retro styling. Mostly I loved the classically incorrect English translation of "Dear, My Brownie." This may be the endearing nickname I've been looking for. Calling Derek "My Brownie" seems kind of perfect.

He also brought back a book with this inside, which obviously needs no explanation.


robin marie said...

dang you scored! christian didn't bring back nearly as good treats when he was in china... maybe derek can give him pointers.

and that last picture = amazing.

MrsEm said...

Oh, Japan. I love you so much.