Monday, November 28, 2011

re: Hairstyles

We enjoyed a few Thanksgiving days hanging out with my family in southern California over the weekend, and decided to check out the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library while we were there, partially because it is always interesting to learn about past presidents and mostly because they have an actual Air Force One that you can go inside of.

The museum also had an entire wall dedicated to portraits of past presidents and their wives, so Derek and I played the game "which first lady haircut could you pull off?"

Derek choose Caroline Harrison because he's already got the little duck curls off the back of his head like she does, and he just needs to achieve a massive bang to complete the look:

I chose Jackie O, duh, because she is by far the best looking of all the first wives on the wall. I'm going to have to do some serious teasing of my hair to achieve the bouffant she did, but I'm ready to invest in some hairspray and make it happen.

As I was admiring Jackie's hair, I couldn't help but feel a little bad for poor Mamie Eisenhower, whose portrait will always be placed sequentially right next to Jackie's. Nobody would want to be constantly compared to the eternally elegant Jackie O, and let's be honest - Mamie's little tightly curled bangs don't even have a fighting chance.


two forks said...

poor Mamie!

aren't air force ones cool!? we got to see one here in seattle.

bex said...

i know. she's trying so hard in her little pink dress.

Yes! I should go see the Seattle Air Force One. Ours is from the 80s and has all sorts of awesome 80s "high tech" printers and stuff onboard. And a creepy wax captain.