Thursday, November 24, 2011

re: Thankful

We took an awesome trip to Greece and Turkey over the summer, but I never blogged about it, which is a shame, because how else are you supposed to know that pictures like this exist?

Our fancy fish pedicure in Mykonos:

The ultimate scooter gang:

And... a whole series of "sexy captain" photos. There were just six of us on a boat we'd chartered in the middle of the Greek isles, so it shouldn't be THAT surprising that once we discovered a captain hat onboard that we all took turns wearing the hat and posing with an American flag and pretending to drive the boat.

Let's just say I immediately made one of the sexy sailor photos my default picture for Derek on Google so that every time he writes me an email, this is what I see:

Its a little daily reminder of all the things I'm thankful for.

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Kacy said...

I wish I could see before and after shots of your fish pedicure.