Monday, October 3, 2011

re: Halloween Inspiration

Its already October, which means the pressure is building to come up with the perfect Halloween costume. Derek and I have been tossing ideas around (am I all of a sudden the kind of person that only plans couples costumes? oh dear) but I thought to get us all in the mood I should share some photos that I never shared here from earlier this year. We had the best homemade group costume ever for our annual entry into the Columbia Fourth of July Parade.

If you can't tell, our group dressed up like a Fourth of July Picnic:

We had our picnic basket and a buzzing bee (both on roller skates):

Derek and I were hot dogs:

...which wouldn't be complete without the ketchup and mustard:

And every picnic needs some grapes and watermelon:

You shouldn't be surprised that this whole getup walking down Main Street won Best of Parade.

This is totally how I picture the hotdog and ketchup on their break - BFF, bun off.

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