Tuesday, October 18, 2011

re: Fancy Fingers

I first got clued into the fact that the 80s were revisiting us via people's fingernails when my friend Claire started posting pictures of glitter-filled, rhinestone encrusted manicures. I've always trusted that her perfectly polished fingers were firmly attached to the pulse of what's cool, and it was then confirmed when Pinterest started to fill itself with photos of nail art in bright colors, mixed patterns, and all sorts of tribal designs. Suddenly boring nails were, well, boring, and I wanted to start expressing myself through some fancy fingers.

I scoured the internet for nail inspiration (trust me - there is plenty out there), invested in some neon polish, paint pens and a fancy nail stamping set, and then hosted a Ladies Activity Club party where we all helped eachother achieve the kind of nail polish nirvana that none of us had experienced since we were 12 years old.

Here is the photographic evidence:

All the LAC ladies are in their 20s/30s and have jobs, which meant some of our choices were more conservative, less 80s. Since I was the only one that wasn't meeting with Japanese businessmen or interviewing prospective students and their parents this week, I took advantage of the fact that I had someone else to help me compensate for a left hand that has the dexterity of a newborn and did some free hand tribal inspired drawings (copied almost exactly from the design spotted here)

We had also had some conservative glitter (though one sneaky finger has gold polka dots)

A sassy lil red slash:

And some zigzag stamping thrown into the mix:

We also had fun trying to take photos of our hands and not make them look like weird fleshy sausages. Though most nail photos are taken with the hand grasping something like a bottle of nailpolish to properly showcase the nails, we also thought the demure hand over hand was an appropriate solution:

If anyone is ready for a full nail makeover, come to my house. We can also have a sleepover and talk about boys.


Elizabeth said...

you have to tell me where I can get whatever it is that makes that chevron pattern!

bex said...

Isn't that awesome? Its a stamping set called Konad. I got a big bundle of the stamps from Amazon. You'll need the stampers too, and I recommend their special polish for opaque perfection.

two forks said...

those nails are awesome! but i also really really love that wedding ring in the last shot. holy cow!

bex said...

yes. the "hand over hand" method does effectively show off the bling, doesn't it?

Janan said...

have ssen smoky nails using eyeshadow. spectacular.

bex said...

Gonna have to check smokey fingers out. Thanks for the tip!