Sunday, January 2, 2011

re: Ringing in the New Year

2010 was a pretty great year, and it seemed appropriate to end it with something awesome. I don't think anyone would argue that New Year's Eve is always best spent with good friends and old ladies in fancy wigs.

To achieve all that, just follow these easy steps:

1) Plan your evening at a predominantly pink boutique hotel.

2) Check into the Pony Room.

3) Sit in a bright pink booth with your friends and order the most expensive thing on the menu (lobster tail!) while admiring the over-the-top decor and outfits surrounding you.

4) Abuse the photobooth all night long.

If only the old ladies in wigs had been as interested in the photobooth as we were - alas, they mostly ignored the booth in favor of the dance floor, so their awesome hair and outfits will only be recorded in my memory.

Here's to many more years of slow dancing to Unchained Melody and balloon drops at midnight. Happy 2011, friends.


Steph said...

loved this.


English said...

little bit jealous. They had a lot of balloons.

bex said...

Let's all make it a tradition! Bring the babies.

jocie said...

THAT is a party.