Wednesday, January 19, 2011

re: A BBQ Birthday

Derek's birthday is the day after Christmas, which means that he is used to people being too busy playing with their new toys to remember to throw him a party. I decided that in my first year of wifedom, that I wouldn't let him down, and would make sure that his birthday was not overshadowed.

So to celebrate his turning 32 we bought a really high-class plastic chocolate fountain, and filled it with BBQ sauce instead of chocolate. My mom grilled up a bunch of meat and veggies, and then we dipped the treats into warm, dripping BBQ sauce

Let it be known - there is nothing that says love and happy birthdays like a BBQ sauce filled fountain where there should have been chocolate..

Next year - a nacho cheese filled fountain.


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Monica said...

I'm totally stealing this idea! BBQ Fountain = YES!