Monday, November 4, 2013

re: In No Rush

\\ The mildly terrifying doll I learned to swaddle on //

"Don't worry," my BabyCenter email cheerfully told me a few weeks ago. "If you've been nervous about preterm labor, you'll be happy to know that babies born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine."

I just stared at those words suddenly feeling like the wiggling creature in my belly had turned into a ticking time bomb. I'd kind of been counting on the last month of pregnancy to get A LOT of stuff done; Move into a new apartment; Train a replacement employee; Put together cribs and install car seats. The idea that this baby could in theory come AT ANY TIME sort of threw me into a panic.

"Oh, I delivered a month early," my co-worker told me, right before suggesting I probably have everything at work organized every night and set up as if I might not come back the next day. 

The thing is, I've been pretty good about anything that requires a checklist. Find a pediatrician? Check. Take my baby classes and learn how to swaddle an inanimate, kinda ugly plastic doll? Check. I've had my shots. The number of the hospital is programmed into the speed dial section of my phone. There is an entire room of our apartment dedicated to tiny clothing and doodads that I'm unsure how to use. Check, check and check. 

But when people ask me if I'm "ready" for this baby to come, I'm not quite sure. I mean, yes I do own an inordinate number of swaddle blankets, but whether that means that I am "ready" for 2 am feedings and preschool interviews and the pressure of raising a decent human being? I suppose that remains to be seen. 

I'm hitting my 39 week mark tomorrow. The last thing on my list is to pack a hospital bag. 

Let's be honest. This might be as ready as I get. 


Mindy said...

I love it. No one is 'ready' but once you see that little unbelievable-loud-sleep-sucker you'll just do it. I'm so excited. I hope you get your 11/11. It would be perfect. I go 6 days over every time so hopefully you wont be like me and go over. Don't worry. If you do, it has to come to an end sometime.;D Good luck! You don't need it because you're already fantastic.

robin marie said...

You are doing just fine. And towards those last weeks it totally felt like a time bomb!

ps that doll baby is REALLY ugly. Not just kind of!

bex said...

Thanks, ladies!

Alice said...

First babies are usually late. And you'll get everything done and be twiddling your thumbs until he arrived just like I was doing with Finn. With Sylvia we made a long list "things to do before the baby comes" and then she was 2 weeks early and nothing got done on the list. So don't make an official list, just a mental one so your baby won't sense it:) Just don't eat any wasabi like I did the night before I went into labor with Finn;)

bex said...

@Alice - I secretly keep feeling like this baby is going to be late too, which is maybe why I am not freaking out about anything quite yet. The wasabi trick seems like a good one, though, if I'm trying to encourage labor ...