Sunday, January 10, 2010

re: Building a Party

Apparently, I only blog about birthdays these days.

Derek just turned 31 too, so we decided to celebrate by challenging our friends to a Strongest Spaghetti Bridge Building contest! (An excellent use for super clearance Christmas gumdrops, if I do say so myself)

The Tools:
20 gumdrops
30 pieces of spaghetti
30 minutes

The Challenge:
Build the strongest bridge you can out of just gumdrops, spaghetti and yer engineering wits that can span a 12 inch gap. Bridges will be tested for strength by seeing how many quarters they can hold before breaking.

The Prize:
Winner takes home as many quarters as their bridge held before cracking.

The Challengers:

The Quarter Placing Technique:*

The Anguish in Breaking Bridges and The Joy of the Winning Team: not pictured, but just as awesome as you are imagining

*Note to anyone who may try this at home: we realized pretty quickly that the "cup of quarters balanced precariously on top of the already unstable bridge" was not the ideal way to test the strength of the bridge by weight. I would recommend tying a cup to hang below the bridge and filling it with quarters underneath. However, our original method did insure that the cash prize was considerably lower than if we had a more reliable weight testing system in place, so if you are a cheapskate, stick with the first attempt.


Mackenzie said...

just discovered your blog via jordan at oh happy day! and can't imagine how much fun this must have been!

bex said...

Aw, shucks. Glad you found me. Parties with edible building components are tasty AND fun!

Tiffany said...

i think as a general rule we should all do more things with edible components

julia said...

man i need to move back to sf. although my husband would have had a short bridge since he likes eating raw spaghetti.