Wednesday, December 16, 2009

re: Happy Highways Challenges

I mentioned in the previous post that during the bus tour, attendees were given various challenges and asked to document them. I thought this needed its own post because of all the great photos that were taken.

Chinatown Challenge:
Work together and try to photographically recreate this snapshot, to the best of your abilities. You should be in the photo.

And these are a few of the fabulous recreations:

(I like the last one, because maybe they couldn't find dead ducks roasting in the window, so they made do with live ones instead. brilliant)

Upper Market Challenge:

Come up with some simple but useful information that can be made into a plaque or sign and then install it in some public place for people to learn from and use. Note: do not bother making a plaque that is witty. Think of information that you routinely wish you had, and provide it to the public.

So you see - no free rides here. We all had to work for our fun.

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f*bomb. said...

You have the best birthdays ever.
I miss you.