Thursday, November 6, 2008

re: My Pants

I have a confession to make: The "pants" that I am wearing right now are not actually pants. They are leggings. Stretch pants, if you will, but not allowed to actually to be called just plain ol' pants without some sort of qualifier. I love them, and am so glad that they have been made socially acceptable, and even stylish, for this season.

Warning: I am probably going to wear my stretch pants every day for the next 4 months. They are just so comfy! I walk around tricking everyone into thinking that I actually got dressed for the day - stretch pants are like getting to hang out in your pjs all day long. They are warm and comfy and I could probably do the splits in them (if i could do the splits). And they have an elastic waist. How great is it that I get to wear pants with an elastic waist before the age of 80?


bryant RICHARD casteel said...

Boys can't wear stretch pants unless they have super powers.

bex said...

It is probably the stretch pants that give them super powers. So maybe yu should give it a try.