Monday, November 10, 2008

re: Baby, I'll make you a star

My birthday is on November 30, and since I am a shameless Sagittarius, I am throwing myself a "Red Carpet" birthday party in which I will be screening short films made by anyone I have ever known.

This, of course, is where you come in.

I want to screen a short film made by you! "Short" is around 5 minutes or less, and the deadline to send me your film will be Dec 1, 2008.

I know most of us aren't professional movie makers. Don't worry about it. These films don't have to be anything fancy. We'll accept your music video. Something awesome you come up with in your bedroom late at night. Secret confessions of love. Anything you've got. I cannot emphasize how non-professional these are allowed/expected to be. Just email me to let me know that you are planning to send one in. (rgholdston [at] gmail).

I am serious about wanting films from anyone and everyone that I have ever known, so if you want to spread the invite to anyone that you know that I know...please do. We only have a few weeks left, so maybe you should quit reading this and go make a movie or something.


Red Carpet Birthday FAQs

Is there a theme that I should work with when coming up with a film?
Nope. If you need a theme, do something with the number 30.

How long should my film be?
Try to keep it around 5 minutes or less. If you have something longer, lemme know.

Screening Format?
DVD, baby. No title menu. If you can burn your DVD so that it just starts your movie when we put it in, that would be the best.

Where do I send my DVD?
Straight to me. Email me for my address (rgholdston [at] gmail).

OR. If you don't have a DVD burner or don't want to bother intrusting your film to the USPS, I can have you send your movie to me electronically and I will take care of putting it on DVD. Just email me (rgholdston [at] gmail).

When is this due again?
We want to get all the DVDs to compiled by Dec 1 so that we have time to review them and make sure that everything works.

Do I have to make a film specifically for this party? Or can I send you a film that I already had made?
We'd prefer original work for the party, but are not too picky if you have something brilliant to share.

Am I invited to watch the screening on the night of the event?
Yep. Save the date - December 9, right here in San Francisco at the Victoria Theatre. I will force you to wear fancy clothing and come enjoy yourself.

What if I don't live in San Francisco?
Well. I want your movie, even if you can't be here to watch it with us. But, seriously. This is why God invented airplanes.


Broek said...

December 10th is a Wednesday... My private jet is on loan weeknights.


m l e said...

do our confessions of love have to be directed toward you?

julia said...

great idea. i wish la was closer to sf and i would be there. are you going to merge all submissions into a dvd for purchase for $5? i'll buy one and have my own celebration in your honor.

Quinn said...

Are we allowed to submit homemade videos from our childhood? I was thinking about a Cinderella remake, in particular...

bex said...

dude. that is the film we are opening up the party with!

Quinn said...

Su-weet. It's sure to be a hit. ;)