Monday, October 27, 2008

re: Political costumes

If there were someone out there keeping track of these things, I think there would be some neat charts that would show how on an election year, the number of political Halloween costumes goes way up. And this year, when we have such easy targets? We all know the streets are going to be overrun with hockey moms and Joes carrying six-packs and plungers.

Because I have brown hair and glasses in my every day life, I got a lot of people telling me that i would make a perfect Sarah Palin for Halloween. Initially I decided not to dress as Palin, even if I can get the perfect bouffant and am a really good winker, mostly because it was going to be the obvious costume of the year, and I never like to be one in the sea of the unoriginal. I mean, even Lindsay Lohan is taking the low road this year!

But...political costumes can be pretty funny, and when else am I going to look this much like a candidate? So, at the costume party I attended over the weekend, I still decided to go as Sarah Palin. Just Sarah Palin dressed as a shark.


Kathryn said...

The best sarah palin costume i heard of was a girl that went dressed as "sarah palin tall."
(say it out loud, it makes sense)

She dressed as sarah palin, then put on a bonnet and walked around on stilts.

and maybe everyone can do the sarah palin accent bec, but i hope you were able to pull off the awkward new zealander accent.

bex said...

sarahpalintall? oh my brilliant.