Monday, October 27, 2008

re: Fall Weddings

I got to go to the wedding of the lovely Rebecca Jacobson and Cameron Turner over the weekend. It was a perfect fall wedding at a gorgeous vineyard up past Sacramento. The bride looked so lovely in her (homemade!) dress, dancing in the little gazebo.

The only thing better than the apple juice they served was the treats they gave out. Homemade love jam? I suspect/hope it all just sounds weirder than it tastes.

But maybe the caterers snuck a taste of the love jam. I caught the caterer with the top ponytail blatantly oogling the caterer showing off his calves while cutting the beef.

Love is in the air. And the jam.


M. H. D. said...

Cameron was my roommate.

bex said...

But I bet/hope he never made Love Jam with you.