Sunday, October 26, 2008

re: Hiding the Past

I went to a flea market last week with Aaron, and was delighted to stumble upon a huge bin of old photos full of people that I can only imagine were documenting some very important times in their lives.

The time you taxidermied your favorite cat into a new toupee for yourself!

The special short shorts outfit you wore when meeting your in-laws for the first time!

The big box to hide behind when you are naked on Christmas morning!

Seriously. If these were your photos, would you ever allow them to make it into a bin of photos at a flea market, for sale to anyone with a dirty dollar in their pocket?


amanda said...

oh man, i love those. i adore old photos of random people. my husband doesn't understand it.

bex said...

it always makes me a little sad when old photos get thrown away. but i am kind of fascinated by them.