Monday, September 29, 2008

re: What happens in Mexico...

Warning! This post may contain people wearing swimsuits!

Better suck it in, Kai the Meteorologist.

(That's better).

So, I've been trying to squeeze the last few weeks out of summer, and this last weekend there was no better place to do that than the Mexican beaches of Puerto PeƱasco.

Let me tell you some of the best things about vacationing over the border, where they don't have all those things like "the FDA" or "Safety laws" to restrict all your fun.

1) There are no regulations on growth hormones, it seems. The shrimp are not that shrimpy.

2) There are no sanitation laws that say you can't cook bacon without a shirt on. Yowza.

3) There is something in the water that makes it so that every time that you get in you can't help but look like a super sexy cologne ad. (Unfortunately, it may be the same thing that kills all of the local fish and makes them wash up on shore).

4) There are no safety regulations on the open seas, so when the man in a little tin boat leaking gasoline comes and offers to pull you around on a banana and you tell him to go as fast as he can, he really will. And he will probably drop your friends that can't hold on into the ocean where they might get run over by other industrious banana pullers. But it is worth the danger.

5) The aquariums in Mexico don't actually have any rules about how much water they need to keep their sea lions and other wildlife in. (this one seems to actually be sadly true.)

(There might be a rule about how big the hole in the fence can be that the sea lion can stick his head out of, though, to keep him from eating your face off).

6) There is something in the air that lets Mexico have seemingly superior sunsets.

7) They have fairly lax dress codes.

8) Plenty of daily siestas means that everyone in our group was always in a really good mood.


m l e said...

oh man, from the lead in I was worried that I would lose the title of "person to appear in their swimsuit most on Rebecca's blog". But nope! nice work.

j'taimee said...

one of my all time favorite vacations was in Rocky Point...
thanks for sharing!

Erica said...

holy smokes! lots and lots of fun in the sun w/ sf friends! great pics lady!

Anonymous said...

hmm...aside from the slightly disturbing photo of my blonde-mustachioed friend, i'm pretty jealous of the luchador mask. i've always wanted one of my very own. i suppose i must go to mexico. or utilize the internet. keep on summering on. it is entertaining for me.

bryant RICHARD casteel said...

Is that really a shrimp?