Tuesday, September 2, 2008

re: Fame

It finally happened - the thing I have been waiting 49 episodes for ....

I was in Seattle over Labor Day weekend and got to be a guest on the infamous Gentle Tyrants podcast!! And on their 50th episode, no less. This is a behind the scenes look at how the magic of Gentle Tyrants is made every Sunday...

Rob takes care of being all gentle.

Nathaniel gets all tyranical.

(if you think he looks too gentle in that photo, you should know that he keeps a pair of these just lying around in his living room, just in case:)

And everyone gets to wear headphones and laugh at eachother.

You can go take a listen, because we talk a little about Stone Temple Pilots and handwriting and I don't even know what else!

Small disclaimer: I am probably never going to actually listen to this particular podcast episode myself. Hearing my own recorded voice makes me cringe. (You know how you always think you might have a sexy voice until you hear it played back to you?) Also, I don't really think I performed very well under the pressure of a live show. The second we were done recording I thought of a million different stories that I should have told, and a million other things that I should have recommended and all sorts of good jokes that should have been immortalized on the airwaves. Luckily Rob and Nathaniel always make a good show, and it was really nice of them to have me on as a guest.

Anyway. My voice is out there on the internet. Now let's never mention it again.


nathaniel said...

i think it is easy for rob to be gentle and not only because he is a good natured guy, but because he has big fuzzy fists.

bex said...

yeah. that first photo of rob makes it look like he is sort of blurry, but that is just the fuzzy hands.