Friday, August 29, 2008

re: Asking for References

I saw this car that looks like someone is living in it the other day:

The funny thing was the sign in the window. Like, after you see the way that they keep their car so clean you are going to call them and have them do the same for your house?

Those had better be some really good references.


m l e said...

whatever, clearly they take all your junk away from you and give it a very loving new home.

nikki said...

i feel like i could get to that point in the near future.
it's the craigslist job search sickness.
when you come here?

English said...

This podcast is actually really good.
Like "jokes", ya know?

bex said...

thanks, you. but i think i am still going to take yer word for it.

Erica said...

lol. seriously loving this pic! aaaaah, good ole' sf!