Monday, September 8, 2008

re: [Explicit Lyrics]

I think the F word is on its way out.

All swear words are, probably. They are getting to be too commonplace to be all that shocking any more.

This was a girl with HER MOTHER at Bumbershoot last weekend. Wearing a shirt with the F word on it like it was no big deal.

I also saw some other girl wearing a pair of pants with the F word stenciled along the butt in rhinestones. Did you hear me? Rhinestones. All Juicy Couture style.

And last week I was at the Theatre. Guess what? The F word shows up on all the new tee shirts and other merch for the musical Spring Awakening. Not to mention being set to music.

Anyway. Once a word is okay around mothers, shows up on track pants in rhinestones, and gets sung in Broadway musicals, it just seems like we are missing the point of having a good swear word or two.

Do you think someone is going to invent something to top the F word? It seems likely that something is going to have to come along to take its place, but I can't even imagine what it might be. Nothing seems to raise many eyebrows anymore.

(Maybe we shouldn't write our suggestions in the comment section, though.)


m l e said...

As with so many other facets of modern life the Russians have us beat. I have it on good authority that there are 24 different ways of saying the *F* word in Russian-- many of which are way worser than ours.

bex said...

It is probably because they couldn't keep saying "dude. your mullet is so f-ing awesome" all the time. They needed a few other ways to express appreciation for the finest hairstyle ever.

paul said...

it was a fun moment in the er the other day when a mom with her two young girls fumbled to find her phone who's ringtone was blaring away to the tune of kate perry's hit single...very nice.

thechoulespauls said...

i use to get my cuss words from the names of cities in foreign countries. like yelling kuala lumpur when i was mad or calling someone a hangzou.

it didn't catch on

wayne said...

Holy Eff. This mother-scratchin' blog post has me in fetchin' stiches Becca!