Thursday, May 22, 2008

re: Indiana jones and that crystal skull thing

dear indiana jones,

I was so excited to see you back in action on the big screen, fighting those dirty commies, that i went to last night's midnight screening. I got all giddy when I thought I saw you buying some popcorn before the show, but it turns it out was just some other dude with a whip. Easy mistake.

I came as a truly devoted fan, ready to say to you the thing that i don't say to just anyone ...

I have to say, though, that those were two of the most ridiculous hours of big screen time that i have ever seen (almost as ridiculous as that earring that you usually wear in real life. i sure am glad that they made you take that out for filming), interspersed with some true moments of awesome. Marion! The ants! The double-crossing! The sexy communists!

Unfortunately, I went right home and washed that other message off to make room for something new to stick on my eyelids today during work since I am way too tired to be here.

p.s. -
Shia. You are doing a lot to help sexy up the pervy mustache look. Thank you.


emily said...

whatever, I'm pretty sure I heard you squealing in delight every time a zombie monkey, or trained attack monkey or snake, or russian Kate, or pervy stash, or alien or crystal skull appeared. So pretty much for three hours straight.

two forks said...

whew! i am all caught up on the new blog i didn't even know about!! thank goodness for statcounter!

Cindy said...

Their treasure wasn't gold, it was knowledge. Knowledge was their treasure.

Why wasn't the skull magnetic all the time?

bex said...

cindy, you have too much treasure to be watching this movie. that is why you have so many questions about inconsistancies in the plot. if you had a little less treasure and just enjoyed the saber scenes a little more, you wouldn't even bring up the magnetic thing.

Dann said...

The Last Crusade eyelid message = best fan dress-up I've ever seen. And biggest laugh of the day. Well done!