Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Walk The Commute 2014

\\ I know you're supposed to crop the photo to just get the logo and your face instead of the entire backdrop, but I liked the whole scene //

Last weekend marked the fourth anniversary of The Commute: the 24 hour, 52 mile walking event from San Jose to San Francisco that Derek organizes every year. I am usually a lot more involved in the event, either as a participant or at least a behind-the-scenes volunteer, but this year that baby distracted me from really doing either one. Instead, Emerson and I met everyone down at the halfway point to cheer on the brave souls that had already walked 26 miles and had another grueling 26 to go.

I'd like to think, much like puppy therapy at colleges during finals, a smiling baby waiting for you at the midway point might make you forget for a second that you have a blister on your foot the size of his giant head.

Huge congrats to the determined walkers that made it all the way this year! I'm always impressed with the fortitude I see on those streets, and love that Derek has helped start this movement.