Monday, June 16, 2014

Too Squirmy For Tradition

I've got a Pinterest account. I know that parents have all sorts of cute ways to document their baby's growth every month. I vowed to start all sorts of cute traditions as well.

At one month old, I plopped Emerson down on a blanket, placed a weird stuffed squirrel next to him for size comparison, and took a million pics of him by his "one month" sign while he laid on his back and cooed:

And...I faithfully documented his growth in a similar style every month.

At six months, I was able to grab maybe two decent pictures before the boy flipped over and crawled away.

He turned 7 months today and I couldn't get him to sit still for even one picture. He immediately tore his paper in half and ate part of it while scooting away from me as fast as he could go.

All our photos from here on out are probably going to be a blur. 


Mindy said...

Lol. I love it.

Alice said...

Yup, he's definitely a boy. They don't sit still....EVER!

robin marie said...

Love the last one so much of him escaping!