Thursday, May 22, 2014

Welcome Baby: Baby Face

\\ Hard to know whose double chin and giant balding head he inherited //
When I was pregnant I would sit and wonder what our little baby's face was going to look like, and what features he might inherit from Derek and I. It is amazing to see the same tiny face that appeared on day one evolving as he gets older, but always recognizable as his own little face.

I'm still not 100% sure who he looks like most. I see flashes of both of us depending on what face he is making. Sadly, it looks like I might have given him my giant feet instead of my dimples, and Derek's mom doesn't have that plaid vest anymore, so he doesn't inherit that either.


robin marie said...

That last sentence is making me laugh so hard! He is a beautiful mix of both of you! And little baby Rebecca is so cute!!! I can see you in that tiny face perfectly!

Mindy said...

I see you both and you could totally make him a vest all his own. :D