Friday, November 4, 2011

re: Dead Heads

I usually lean toward Halloween costumes that are clever or topical instead of particularly gory, but this year we got an invitation to attend a party dressed as a dead luminary, and it seemed too great of an opportunity to miss dressing up as someone who had the misfortune of meeting a somewhat bloody end.

Of course, we couldn't be completely non-clever, so we technically went as Dead Heads (of State). Derek was Abraham Lincoln (complete with bullet wound to the temple), and I was Cesar (stabbed in the back).

Doesn't this look like the kind of party you'd like to attend? I'd love to eavesdrop on whatever Che, Joseph Smith and Abe Lincoln might possibly discuss at a candlelit dinner party.

And, since everyone seemed to want to know exactly how I got a knife to stick so convincingly out my back, I'm including instructions in this post so that you can do it yourself some time.

Step-by-step instructions on making it look like someone stabbed you

You will need:
Knife with a relatively thin blade! (that you don't mind cutting the tip off of)
Thick plastic cutting board (we cut ours smaller with a hand saw)
Clothing you don't mind cutting a hole into or getting bloody
fake blood

Two vice grips
Open flame (like your stove top burner)

Step 1: Break your knife

This was surprisingly easy. Having a husband meant for me means having tools at my disposal that I never knew existed. Derek took a pair of vice grips, put them on either side of the knife where we wanted it broken, and then just carefully bent the blade it until it snapped.

We tried this on two different kitchen grade knives, and they both snapped cleanly, and really easily.

(But, this is also the point in the tutorial where I still tell you to do this under adult supervision, wear proper eye protection, and that I don't take any responsibility for flying knife bits in your home)

Step 2: Stick the knife in the plastic board

Hold the tip of the knife in the flame of your stovetop until it is hot enough to melt plastic. (Be careful if your knife is all metal not to let the whole thing heat up and burn you).

Take your small plastic cutting board and stick the knife in slowly, and at whatever angle you'd like for it to appear it is coming out of you (we angled the blade up a bit). Try not to wiggle the knife around or it will make the hole loose and come out. We managed to stick ours straight into the plastic, and when it cooled it was in there tight, but you could always reinforce with hot glue or something if you felt like your knife was loose. You just want it not to be falling out of the cutting board.

Step 3: Attach the harness

Drill a hole in each corner of the cutting board (you can also do this before you stick the knife in the board if its easier) and loop your string through each side so that you can wear your knife board like a backpack.

At this point, I was just wearing an undershirt. Put on the knife harness, and tie it tightly so that it doesn't move. Then you'll want to get whatever clothing you are using as your bloody overshirt out. Cut a thin slit in the fabric for the knife edge to go through. Make sure everything sits naturally, and that now it looks like a knife is sticking into your back.

Then add the blood! We got some costume-grade "bloody scab" makeup that stayed red and chunky looking all night, but dried and didn't permanently stain anything. You can be as tasteful or as bloody as you'd like in this step.

Voila! You now look like a mean girl has had her way with you.

In the end, you do still have a real knife (albeit one with a broken tip) tied to yourself, so be careful out there, ya'll.

Happy Halloween!


two forks said...

your stab wound is amazing! and i love the che, joseph, abe picture... although i totally thought joseph smith was jim from the office for a second.


I really REALLY miss your crazy amazing parties.