Monday, September 12, 2011

re: Shirtless Hangouts

In the last few years, my brother has taken to not wearing a shirt most of the time unless it is absolutely necessary. And ... you'd be surprised how seldom a shirt is absolutely necessary. In fact, last year on Christmas morning he came down stairs shirtless for Christmas breakfast. The brother-in-laws, not to be outdone, took theirs off as well and declared the holiday Shirtless Christmas.

Over the weekend we were hanging out on Google+ on a family conference call, and my brother Dave appeared onscreen shirtless. No surprise.

Without even missing a beat, Derek and Jake removed theirs as well, and we proceeded to enjoy a shirtless family hangout:

My family has the best traditions.


Janan said...

This is just the funniest thing. I'll be laughing for days.

two forks said...

this is hysterical! but i'm waiting for your dad to join in the fun!

bex said...

I know. My dad is such a party pooper.