Tuesday, September 6, 2011

re: Labor Day Thrifting

Derek and I visited Amanda and Casey Smith in Northern Ohio over the long weekend, and they all indulged my thrift store obsession and let us hit all the Labor Day sales.

Casey took several photos throughout the day, and I laughed because all the photos I'm in show me delightedly shopping to my heart's content ...

And all the photos of Derek show him loitering in the background or patiently hanging out, trying his best not to look bored.

To be fair, Derek knew all about my impressive tolerance for shopping and sorting through piles of junk before he married me, and I rewarded him this time by doubling his shortsleeve button-up wardrobe with some real Ohio gems.

Thanks to the Lynch/Smith/Twelmeyer clan for hosting us and showing us all their favorite Ohio thrifting goldmines.

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