Thursday, August 18, 2011

re: Hello, My Name is Married

Just a week or two ago Derek and I just got to see our dear friend Grace get all dressed up and marry a dude named Joe.

This is Grace and Joe. There was a cute banner to prove it:

My entire family spent some time in (i.e. totally hogged) the photobooth.

Photobooth props provided were black wayfarer glasses and bright red lips - a little bit of Joe and a little bit of Grace:

Like a nerd, I wore my own black rimmed glasses:

The wedding was full of lots of cute details, like aqua and cherry colored holgas and a cavity-inducing candy bar, but I especially loved these buttons that they made for everyone to customize and wear. A good way to make awkward introductions more stylish:

Or maybe they were worried that with everyone walking around in black glasses, we'd never be able to tell eachother apart.

Congrats to Grace and Joe! It was a beautiful day to be part of.

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