Wednesday, August 17, 2011

re: DIY with Vintage Records

I've been busy crafting with vintage records! I made a record sleeve bunting and some vintage cake plates from old records for Animal Head Vintage's first ever pop-up shop.

The decor was perfect for the shop, but I think they would also work if you were throwing a vintage or music themed party as well:

If you'd like to make your own, instructions have been posted as the latest DIY project over on Oh Happy Day:

DIY Record Sleeve Bunting

DIY Vintage Record Cake Plates


All Photos by the lovely and talented Robyn Kessler of Verité Photography.


babybitch said...

can I have a more detailed list of items needed? for instance, where does one get clear plexiglass acrylic and how does one cut it into a circle shape without it cracking? Also, what kind of A strong glue is recommended? Simply super glue? Crazy glue? Gorilla glue? Thank you for your time.

bex said...

i bought my acryclic pre-cut from Tap Plastics. They have special acrylic glue they can recommend. You want it to dry thin and clear. Full instructions are over at Oh Happy
Day (just follow the links in the post)