Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DIY Dinner Party - Test Your Tastebuds

For my latest party post over on Oh Happy Day, I decided to embark on a little adventure in food.

For this event we pitted some of our foodie friends against one another in a "TEST YOUR TASTEBUDS" dinner party. Nobody knew what food was being served, so each course was a surprise as it came out. Guests were given cards to keep score on, and got points based on how many correct ingredients that they could identify in each course. We served a cheese plate and a three course meal in Jordan's studio:

It was fun to see everyone taking their time eating each bite, trying to figure out what each of the different tastes were (and trying to sneak peeks at their neighbor's sheet).

At the end of the evening we tallied our scores and the winner took home a Tartine gift certificate! It'd be easy to scale this party down and just do a cheese plate for your guests - you'll be surprised how hard it is to know what your food is made of!

Get the full story and more photos over at Oh Happy Day.

All pretty photos are by Robyn Kessler of Verité Photography for Oh Happy Day.

The fancy food was prepared by the talented Tom Call and helpers on a tiny cooking stove in the back of Jordan's studio! If you would like to try some of Tom's cooking without the tastebud trickery involved, check out his fun n' fancy pop-up dinner events in SF and SLC.

If you find yourself in the Bay Area and want to "test your tastebuds" without doing any of the prep, keep an eye on Maverick's semi-annual Mystery Dinners or the Punchdown's blind flight challenge.


Lizzy said...

Love this! But I don't love that on her blog, the credits to your authorship are in little teeny tiny print at the very end of the post. It should be huge and bolded at the beginning, along with robyn's name of course. : )
You have such amazing ideas!

jordan said...

@Liz Rebecca wrote the byline not me. Also it was a paid post.