Tuesday, May 24, 2011

re: Eat Your Heart Out (aka What To Do With Lemon Curd)

Derek and I attended our friend Tom Call's inaugural "Made By Tom" pop-up dinner last week. Tom has worked in lots of the fanciest restaurants in SF, and has finally decided to break out on his own with a series of dinners and events outside of the normal restaurant setting. We've eaten food by Tom before, which is always delicious, but we have always have experienced "pot-luck" Tom Call ... where the presentation isn't all his own. Once he got to really pull out all the fancy stops ... well. We stuffed our faces with five courses worth of tasty treats and marveled at how the food managed to both look and taste amazing.

As a parting gift, Tom left us each with our own tiny and delicious jar of lemon curd. We took it home and kept it in the fridge, but weren't totally sure what to do with it. Derek tried spreading it on pretty much everything he put in his mouth, which surprisingly seemed to work pretty well...but we decided to prepare something that Tom might be proud of: something cute AND delicious.

Since the hard part was already done (making the lemon curd) all we had to do was get ourselves some pound cake, raspberries and a cookie cutter, and put together some bite-sized treats:

Ta dah! Then we brought a plate of them to the neighbors and took all the credit for them being so good.

If you love delicious things, Tom will be throwing a few more different pop-up events in SF and SLC. Eat food Made By Tom. You won't be sorry.


Bek said...

um, why do your pictures look magazine awesome?

i'm coming out in a couple weeks and have to harass you and derek. prepare yourselves.

bex said...

yes! the magazine where every article is about how to make really easy things!

please harass us. or else.