Monday, February 14, 2011

re: It's a Sign

On our way home from Big Sur yesterday, we started noticing some brightly hand-painted signs along the road. Each sign was spaced out a mile or so, and as we kept getting more of the message, the implication of such a series of signs grew more and more exciting.

"Hey Jen, will you ...."

Once we got past "will you" I was just SURE that this was going to be a marriage proposal. I watched in eager anticipation of the next word ...

"Be"? Well. Maybe he is being tricky and asking her if she would BE mad if he didn't ask her to marry him.

But then it became obvious that this was just a cutesy valentines message.

I hope Jen is not as mad as I was that this was not a marriage proposal.


Janan said...

Angry too.

Lindsay said...

jerk. HAH

Benielle said...

ha ha. something i might do, not very well thought out.