Thursday, September 23, 2010

re: Wedding Photobooth

I love the Photobooth that we had set up at our wedding, and had to share the pictures. We used the same backdrop that we had drawn for our engagement shots, and I love all the faces and personalities of our guests that were captured:

About the Photobooth:
My friend Dan and I drew the background (taking our cues from the amazing Charlotte Mann who has been making gorgeous hand drawn backdrops way before I have). We drew the wall and floor on sheets of 8.5x11 paper, scanned the pages in at the highest of high-res (dan cleaned the lines up in photoshop as well) and then we saved the image in pieces and printed it off in several strips of 3x10 pieces of paper and taped them all together to get the full effect.

The "wallpaper" we drew is actually the pattern from our wedding invitations (created by the wonderful Cindy Ferguson). The rug is patterned after the rug in our friends Mark and Collin's house. And that door and hardwood flooring can be found right inside our San Francisco apartment.

Check out the full set of pics here from both of our receptions:
Newbury Park Open House
Photos taken by LA based photographer Angela Smith

Pleasanton Open House
Photos taken by SF based photographer Clay Brown


Sandi said...

This is incredible. What do you mean by 3 x 10 paper? Did it have to be professionally printed? Is it special paper that doesn't rip that easily?

Am thinking of doing this for a trade show for my business.


bex said...

We got this done at a local printer here in SF, but I think Kinkos should be able to do it as well. It was just normal white paper, which definitely started to show a little wear and tear by the 3rd use.

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