Monday, March 8, 2010

re: cUPcakes are apparently not that big of a deal

Derek and I were invited to an Oscar party last night that we knew was going to be a serious affair. There were fine DVD prizes available to winners of the various trivia quizzes, bingos and ballots, and extra points were promised to those that brought Oscar-themed foods to snack on. Since we hadn't watched all the films this year, we figured that any extra points we could get couldn't hurt, and decided on mini cupcakes with balloons tied to the top - cUPcakes!

Derek hassled the folks at Safeway until they filled up a sack full of tiny balloons for him, and after patiently tying some really small knots, ended up with a few of these tiny delights:

Though we found the mini floating balloon suspended above the mini cupcake house to be pretty much the cutest thing ever, SCIENCE was working against us with crazy static electricity and quickly escaping helium gases. So Derek would work so hard to get a balloon filled, tied, and suspended, only to find that the balloon was drooping into the frosting after about 20 minutes of cuteness.

We finally had to compromise with deflated balloons glued to toothpicks, which still turned out pretty adorable when all lined up:

We arrived at the party, patting ourselves on the back for our creative treats, only to find that the only other themed food that had been prepared was also cUPcakes, (though they had bypassed the whole SCIENCE problem by just using really cute suckers as balloons). I guess we should have gone with red velvet dolphin cupcakes like Derek had suggested, but it seemed inappropriate at the time.


two forks said...

those definitely win an academy award!

Alice said...

At least you got a picture.

bex said...

Thanks, Robin!

We did get a picture. But notice that there is only one cupcake that really made it through.

elsabags said...


Bek said...

you guys really are MFEO.

julia said...

i would like to see a red velvet dolphin cupcake. please.