Thursday, February 18, 2010

re: Sundance 2010

Another event I'm a little behind on posting about ... my annual trip to Sundance! I was back at the Eccles for my eighth year (booyah) doing things like tearing tickets, enforcing arbitrary rules and just basically looking important. See?

My favorite part of Sundance this year was volunteering with Derek, since he has never (willingly) touched a copy of US Weekly (honestly, I don't know WHAT he does in line at the grocery store) and watches very little television/media in general. This made him the perfect person to go celebrity spotting with, because he doesn't recognize anyone.

He was working the door at the Eccles one day and America Ferrera (aka the 'Ugly Betty, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Real Women Have Curves, etc' America Ferrera) comes up and tells him that she needs to get backstage. He gives her that blank look that means he doesn't have any idea who she is, and tells her that she can't go back without any credentials. I like knowing that people like Derek keep celebrities from getting too big in the head.

Anyway - the movies. I didn't see as many movies as I normally do for some reason, and those that I did see all had big movie stars in them and will show up in theaters in a few months anyway. Although I'm not raving about anything I saw this year, here is a brief rundown a few movies that I did enjoy. The comedy. The drama. The documentary. No spoilers, I promise.

The comedy
If you want to watch a slightly oedipal mother/son relationship, and how a new boyfriend reacts to it, watch Cyrus.

The drama
If you want to see the marriage of two beautiful people dissolve, watch Blue Valentine.

The documentary
If you want to get all angry about the state of education even though you went to a public school, watch Waiting for Superman.


Tiffany said...

speaking of spotting the famous i have a confession, i remems one time i think in new york back before we became roomies and i only knew you from your blog a few girls and i saw you and were soooo excited and gushing about how cool you were. now you know all my secrets :)

bex said...

my secret is that when i realized that it was you that had sent in a 'headstands for peace' photo submission, i immediately wanted to be bff.

let's all post secrets on this portion of the blog comments.

paul said...

bex: if i want to volunteer next year...could you get me in?

what is the minimum time requirement?

Quinn said...

i can't believe you but an "x" thru America. she's my girl.