Wednesday, November 4, 2009

re: Going Under The Knife

WARNING - there are real live BLOODY photos in this post

So, I had my first taste of plastic surgery today. Surprisingly, it was for a little freckle on my lip that my dermatologist was nervous about instead of for the butt implants that you probably all assumed that I'd be getting any day now.

You wouldn't think that this lip freckle was all that bad. In fact, I thought it was kind of cute. Sorta like Marilyn Monroe sneezed and her beauty mark just fell down her face a little.

See? Cute!

My dermatologist, however, decided that the spot looked suspicious. Beautifully suspicious, perhaps, but suspicious nonetheless. It had to come out! So she referred me to a plastic surgeon.

I made a really big deal about how nervous I was about the whole thing, how I hate big needles and scalpels and how I was worried about being scarred for life, and then THIS is what they gave me:

Totally no big deal. He even used see-through stitches so that you can't really tell that I have anything but a little cut on my lip. Nothing like the half-Frankenstein face that I was expecting.

In fact, the swelling makes it look like I have Angelina Jolie lips. This turns out to be the sexiest plastic surgery I could have asked for. If I could smile or actually eat anything, this kind of thing have been addicting.


MrsEm said...

Yikes! I have that exact same freckle and have had it zapped off before. It's weird that they had to do stitches? Did it come back from the lab as a-typical? (skin cancer nerds unite!)

bex said...

I asked them about laser-ing it off, but they said it had to be cut out. Maybe it was too deep? Anyway. Still waiting on lab results to see if I should be worried about anything. For now I just get to drink all the jamba juice i can handle.

merleen said...

If it leaves a dent in your lip, and you need a fat transplant from a very close relative, I'm here for you.

jocie said...

you make a cut lip look GOOD.